I Help Entrepreneurs Break Through
the Barriers Holding Them Back
from Success...

So they can expand their business faster

What I’ve Found in 45 years of
Helping Others Achieve Success...

Most entrepreneurs encounter extreme challenges with their ‘life condition” and remain ‘stuck’ in their struggle for results.

They become fed up with living in a fixed habitual routine, and not earning the money or achieving the goals they truly desire.

Most business and marketing coaches focus on social media and similar business plans for their clients.

I’ve created a unique system specifically to help empower entrepreneurs to overcome their challenging obstacles.  

I'll help you develop a unique, powerful, Inspired  Vision Masterplan to accelerate your ongoing progress towards a vision that is not based on numbers but grounded in spirit. So you connect to your passion and get better results.

Meet Charlene

I’m a Canadian, gluten-free, tai chi loving, great-grandmother. I live in Ontario and love being an entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur over 45 years ago and basically have failed my way to success.

 I use all the experience I have gained over the 45 years to help you not have to take so long to get what you want.

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Why They Recommend Booking a FREE Consultation Call

Charlene Coaches with  power understanding, Clarity and support

Our weekly calls for the last 24 months have made a profound difference in my life. With her delicate and powerful coaching Charlene successfully leads me to the discovering and understanding of what is really going on with me and my mind. With generosity and simplicity she gently introduces the appropriate laws relating to what I am dealing with and all becomes clear very fast. I always leave our calls with the experience of been understood, supported and proud of my journey and improvements. Her genuine desire and interest in making a difference in the life of others can be easily sensed in any conversation.

Sandro Romagnoli  - Restauranteur

Charlene provides a fun environment for planning - winning results

She is an extraordinary human being who loves her work, the people she comes in contact with and the beautiful planet. By the way, I love the win/win fun environment we work in. For all this and more, I sincerely thank you.

Aurora Smirnova - Entrepreneur

Charlene helped empower me to dream again and follow my passion 

I feel tremendous gratitude to Charlene Day as a coach with a heart, who leads by example. She encouraged me to dare to dream and to follow my passion. She helped me to discover my “why”, my reason for being, which is my ultimate motivator when I experience another challenge. With Charlene’s help, I now KNOW that I will reach my goals & dreams, and the journey is becoming more enjoyable.

Elizabeth Doucette - Holistic Healer

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