My Mission is to Empower, Enrich and Improve the Lives
of Entrepreneurs...

By showing them a non-competitive way to earn income and promote leadership...

Have You Been Asking Yourself:

How can I make more money without leaving my house?

How do I leave a legacy for my children?


How can I find more meaning and fulfilment in my life? AND HAVE MORE FUN?

Consider this...

Fear of failure as an entrepreneur is one of the greatest fears you can experience. Fear of whether you can pay the bills month to month creates anxiety. Being afraid to approach your family or friends about your new venture causes you to doubt yourself or not feeling ‘good enough’. Wondering what others thought of you as you ventured away from your conventional job.

You're not alone! I get what you're going through. Most entrepreneurs experience the same thoughts and feelings. 

Fear of Failure

Let's develop your Inspired Vision Masterplan that will cut through the fear and enrich your entrepreneurial journey. 

About Me

I'm Charlene Day,  a Canadian, gluten-free, tai chi loving, great-grandmother living in Ontario and I love being an entrepreneur!

I became an entrepreneur over 45 years ago and failed my way to success. Fear of failure was big for me over the years as an entrepreneur.  I had to face all my gremlins in order to  succeed. I had to learn how to be emotionally self aware.

I started out in the psychology field and moved to the health field. In that process I explored various products to help my clients.

Twenty-five years ago I found the one company that helped my clients excel in their health more than any of the professional brands. 

On my journey I explored many ways to harness the power of my mind. But recently I came across a program that turned my thinking and my business completely around. 

This intense program is “The Master Key Experience”. I also benefited tremendously from a program called “Go90Grow”. I am so impressed with these programs I have links to both on this site.

Why I'm Qualified to Help You

Even though I have accomplished a lot in my life, my focus is how to use this information to help you.

  • Author and co-author of 11 books (6 international bestsellers)
  • Lifestyle and Leadership Mentor specializing in holistic health, mindset resets, success and cash flow creation, with clients across Canada, the United States, Australia, China and Mexico.
  • International Speaker for many organizations, companies and associations.
  • An expert in holistic health focusing on nutritional deficiencies.
  • Guest expert on national and local media with appearances on CBC, CHCH, Rogers TV, Breakfast TV, CTV, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, the Sun and Metro News.
  • Given over 1000 workshops, seminars and keynotes.
  • A specialist in understanding the mind, (the subconscious and conscious mind) and how it works for or against you and helps you get unstuck.

How That Impacts Your Success

you'll receive step-by-step coaching to develop:

  1. 1
    A validated business framework proven to work over decades so that you can grow your income faster even if you have no business experience at all.
  2. 2
     A focused commitment profile that will help you succeed. This is an actual game plan for your life. It’s a game plan that helps you define who you want to become. It means your level of commitment to two things. 1) your desired outcome and
    2) the process of achieving your desired outcome.
  3. 3
    Plus - You'll  get access to a community of advisors who are highly trained non competitive mentors who have a vested interest in your success.

Why They Recommend Booking a FREE Consultation Call...

Sandro Romagnoli


I am fortunate to have Charlene in my life. Our weekly calls for the last 24 months have made a profound difference in my life. With her delicate and powerful coaching Charlene successfully leads me to the discovering and understanding of what is really going on with me and my mind. With generosity and simplicity she gently introduces the appropriate laws relating to what I am dealing with and all becomes clear very fast. I always leave our calls with the experience of been understood, supported and proud of my journey and improvements. Her genuine desire and interest in making a difference in the life of others can be easily sensed in any conversation.

Elizabeth Doucette

-holistic Healer-

I feel tremendous gratitude to Charlene Day as a coach with a heart, who leads by example. She encouraged me to dare to dream and to follow my passion. She helped me to discover my “why”, my reason for being, which is my ultimate motivator when I experience another challenge. With Charlene’s help, I now KNOW that I will reach my goals & dreams, and the journey is becoming more enjoyable.

Aurora Smirnovae


I am grateful to Charlene Day for being my coach and my constant source of inspiration, as well as my personal motivator. Without her encouragement and support I would have not discovered my “why’s”, and to dream big again. She holds me up when I am down and cheers me on when I am on a roll. She keeps me accountable to myself, teaches me new skills, and provides me with new tools to take my company to the next level. She is an extraordinary human being who loves her work, the people she comes in contact with and the beautiful planet. By the way, I love the win/win fun environment we work in. For all this and more, I sincerely thank you..

Let's Develop your Inspired Vision Masterplan

Accelerate your progress towards a vision, not based on numbers but grounded in spirit, so you connect to your passion and achieve your goals.

Charlene Day