Focus into Results

Total Entrepreneur Training Itinerary 

  • Available either Online or In Person
  • In House Programs range from 5 to 10 days
  • See the 12 Modules listed below

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Module 1

Clarify Your Passion and Purpose to be in Flow

Values, desires, priorities

Mindset and perception

Meaning of success


Strengths, talents, genius

Needs of your target audience

Module 2

Shed Light on Your Vision and Mission

Vision provides focus
Communicating purpose and values
Mission clarity of action
Determining strategy
Policies and procedures
Creating business map

Module 3

3 The Art of Goal Setting

SMART goal setting
Setting standards
Making the intangible, tangible
Affirmations, visualization
Milestones and path of action
Dream big

Module 4

4 Setting Up Your Systems

Business systems management
Time and project management
Automating business processes
The internet – virtual assistants
Managing distractions
Following your rhythm

Module 5

Inner Game of Success

Understanding knowing/doing gap
Working with the RAS
Self image and paradigms
Understanding the subconscious
Reframing, anchoring, self-talk
Internal vs. external motivation
Moving past comfort zone

Module 6

The Illusion of Time Management

Managing priorities
Scheduling promotions
The hidden secret
Daily/weekly/monthly planning
Long term planning
Avoiding procrastination

Module 7

Money is Not a Four Letter Word

Exploring your relationship with money
Systems to measure
Fixing the leaks
Exploring the “Monkey mind”
Standards of integrity
Wealth Levels

Module 8

8 Skills to Build Rapport

Communication skills
“I” statements
Personality styles

Module 9

Transform Sales into Serving

What is your style?
Personality traits for success
The psychology of selling
Consultative sales
Customer relationship building
Value added skills

Module 10

How to be Different Like Everyone Else

Target markets
Finding the right clients/prospects
What is your competitive advantage? Expertise?
Customer hot buttons
Value hierarchy
View of selected industry

Module 11

Advancing in Leadership

Secrets of the top 3%
Break all the rules
Leadership teams
Team charter
Process of ongoing improvement
Innovation – staying ahead of the pack

Module 12

Masterminding Your Way to Shared Success

Building community
Attracting the right partners
Courage and seeking support
Ingredients of a successful mastermind
Mastermind principles
Business leverage

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