This week in the Master Key Experience the focus was love is the answer. The program is coming to a close and the journey has been amazing. The six months focused on us finding our authentic self or the Golden Buddha I referred to in an earlier blog.

The whole process was to encourage us to find the treasure within and to follow our bliss. We had many tools to aid the process like:

  • the Blueprint Builder
  • the Scrolls
  • the Master Key chapters
  • our Law of Giving and Receiving cards
  • our Giving/Service cards
  • our looking in the mirror with the Guy/Gal in the Glass
  • the Seven Laws of the Mind
  • the Seven Day Mental Diet
  • our Franklin Makeover virtues to be aware of each week
  • our Definite Major Purpose statement and movie trailer
  • our affirmations and victories index cards including gratitude cards
  • our Mind Gym with shapes
  • our Press Release
  • working with pain and pleasure associations
  • listening to The Strangest Secret
  • listening to our recording of our Definite Major Purpose
  • our Masterminds
  • our 15-minute sits daily

All of these tools plus dozens more helped us to reacquaint ourselves back to our real authentic self.

Given the state of affairs in the world right now I am very grateful for the reminder to be the real me. I am able to help so many people deal with this pandemic. I am able to help physically with amazing products that work and help emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am also encouraged to see so much kindness in the world now. People reaching out to folks who are older or folks not wanting to go out due to compromised immune systems. It is very heartening as it is a demonstration of love is the answer.

I think this is a time for awakening. What are we awakening to? I think people have the potential to awaken to their true nature. To awaken to that we are nature’s greatest miracle. That we are indeed channels of the divine. That love is the answer.

To your success,


The Only 4 Questions That Matter

  1. What is the source of the spirit?
  2. What is the reason for our existence?
  3. What’s worth living for?
  4. What’s worth dying for?

Love is the answer.

About the author 

Charlene Day

Charlene is a Lifestyle and Leadership Mentor, facilitator, ontological coach, best selling author, and speaker. Her expertise in the areas of wellness, lifestyle counseling, holistic health and entrepreneurial coaching is the result of more than 45 years of study and practice.

  • Wow, yes so true, we have had many a journeys on the way. Many tools to teach us how to remember who we really are. It has been great, petty the course has to come to an end, but I am sure I will be back next year, I am grateful for this journey. I have learnt so much these 6 months. Hope we will continue, and to your success.

  • I so look forward to reading your blog each week Charlene – this is a great summary of the wonderful tools we were given and all underpinned by LOVE. It has been an amazing 26 weeks and will continue on and on….
    To your Health and continued success.

  • That’s so great, I kinda forgot about those 4 questions!!! Thank you for reminding me… it’s ALL about the love! Looking forward to commencement webinar!

  • Yes all the tools we had over the past 6 months from the MKE helped us so much and gave us great insight. Glad to see it helped you so much.

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    "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." ― Joseph Campbell