No two home-based businesses are alike. That’s why it’s so difficult to speak to what a home office should look like. However, no matter what type of business you run, there are a few things to think about that can help you find, create, and refine your home office.

Space selection for Reimagining Your Workspace

If you’re already settled in your current home and you don’t want to move, finding the right workspace may mean shuffling things around.

Good rules of thumb to follow when selecting where you’ll do business include:

  • Find a spot separate from the rest of your home.
  • A room or separate outbuilding with minimal distractions is best.
  • If possible, keep your workspace confined to one area.
  • Use a separate entrance if clients visit your home; you might have to build a new door
  • Convert a garage or freestanding structure if you generate messy byproducts

When you are a renter or your current home does not meet your needs, it may be necessary to relocate your living and working space. Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop you from finding the home of your dreams. You may continue your house hunt by utilizing video-chat tours, interactive walkthroughs, and online open houses to minimize your exposure.

Outfitting for Success for Reimagining Your Workspace

Again, no two spaces are alike, but there are some universal features a professional office will need. You should, at the very least, have a dedicated desk or work table. You’ll also want a reliable internet connection and access to a bathroom and kitchen. Also, access to natural light is crucial. Among other things, having an office or workspace with a window can help you regulate your circadian rhythm and, more importantly for productivity, increase your reaction time and make you more able to make good decisions on the fly.

If you’re renovating a garage or storage building, you’ll want to ensure that it is insulated and heated and cooled. When your preferred space doesn’t already have HVAC, you can add a mini-split unit, which is quick and easy to install and works well for both home and office.

Ergonomics for Reimagining Your Workspace

Whether you are simply outfitting a new room or plan to build a desk or workspace from scratch, ergonomics should be at the top of your thought process when designing your work area. According to PC Magazine, this means you need to pay attention to your head, neck, wrist position, and posture. Having a workspace that allows your body to be more comfortable means that you’ll experience less fatigue and you won’t be distracted by pain or discomfort.

A Word About Building

Building a separate home office on your property is an ideal solution for most entrepreneurs. But, it is worth mentioning that you will have to follow your local building codes. FEMA explains that these are regulations put into place that govern the erection of structures. The vast majority of cities follow International Building Code standards. However, your local governing body may have other restrictions, including whether or not you can add a septic tank to your separate building or if you can use it as a meeting space.

Ultimately, how you design, build, or outfit the space that your home-based business occupies is up to you. What matters is that you create an area where you can get the job done. If you find that you’re still struggling with productivity even in the ideal workspace, the 30 Laws of Flow can help you re-center and refocus so that you can be your professional best.

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